Sunday, July 29, 2018

Blood, Paint and Tears

I've been building, painting and gaming with Warhammer 40K miniatures for over twenty years. I took a bit of a break during my twenties, but life has changed for me, to the point where that hiatus is now over. I don't get to play often, but my real passion is painting, and having been inspired by the many other blogs out there (primarily Ron's 'From the Warp'), I thought I could share my passion with you all. I can't say right now how often I will post, or even exactly what I will have to say, but I figured that it will find a natural flow eventually.

As for the name of the blog: clearly it's a play on the phrase 'blood, sweat and tears', and I feel like that's what I've (not literally) put into painting over the years, especially when I've lost my mojo, like many other painters, hitting a bit of a slump. This blog is dedicated to those of you struggling to pick up a brush - quit whinging, and get painting!

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